The Millennium Group is your premier resource for product and material testing. Our fully accredited labs can assist you in ensuring the quality of your products. Our specialists have experience in Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer goods, Medical, Transportation, Defense, Heavy Manufacturing, Packaging and Electronics testing/evaluation. Our primary focus is to provide a world-class product in a timely manner that meets with your budgetary requirements.

We also offer Consultation Services if you need assistance in understanding the needed testing or in determining what tests must be performed. We can also assist you in the creation of your lab/testing facility. We have multi-lingual engineers on staff to assist you understanding International Standards and methods. We are always looking to expand our capabilities, if you don’t see your particular test or requirement listed, please ask.


Airbag System Deployment Testing
Occupancy and Suppression Testing
High Speed Video Capture
Environmental (Temp/Humidity) Testing
Sun Simulation UVA/UVB/Full Spectrum
Thermal Shock
Altitude Testing
Salt Spray Testing and Analysis
Flammability Testing (FMVSS302)
Odor Testing
Tensile and Compression Testing
Strength of Materials Testing
Reliability/Durability (Lifecycle) Testing

Custom Test Design
Vehicle Dynamics Evaluation
Color Analysis
Gloss Analysis
Surface Energy Analysis
Crock Test
Particle Size Analysis
Coating Thickness Analysis
Paint Flow Ability Testing
ASHRAE Windows/Door Energy Testing
Failure Analysis
Warranty Analysis
PPAP/ISIR Preparation

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