Contract Inspection has become an integral part of today’s manufacturing facilities. Providing services to measure parts when a third party certification is needed or providing additional resources via in-house inspections or staffing services when existing labs cannot meet production demands. The Millennium Group offers services using coordinate measuring machine (cmm’s), vision systems, surface and contour systems, roundness gages and all your basic metrology tools. Millennium offers services such as CPK studies, PPAPs and basic metrology layout services. Millennium can program using cad files and inspect back to the prints to insure compliance. Millennium can laser scan and perform reverse engineering services. Millennium also offers basic part sorting using visual methods as defined by the individual customer. Please review the adjacent listing for capabilities.


Airbag System Deployment Testing
CMM Inspection
Vision Inspection
Surface Finish Inspection
Roundness Inspection
White Light Scanning
Layout services

Custom Test Design
CPK and SPC Studies
Machine Staffing
Part Sorting

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