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Steinbichler Vision Systems (SVS) is the North American subsidiary of Steinbichler Optotechnik, the well-accepted leaders in Optical Metrology. Steinbichler is an ISO 9001 certified organization with worldwide distribution and support. With a strong research background, Steinbichler has developed technology in dimensional metrology, shearography, vibration, acoustics, and other fields. With an extensive list of customers in automotive, aerospace, and other industries, the company is constantly expanding the application of its technology and products to new arenas.

With growing awareness of the effective application of White Light Scanning for the toughest inspection needs, Steinbichler is helping many Quality Departments make a generational leap forward to Non-Contact Metrology.

Comet L3D

Steinbichler Optotechnik proudly presents COMET L3D – a bright new star in the 3D digitizing universe. Featuring innovative LED lighting technology, the extremely compact high-performance 3D sensor adds a new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition.

The new ultra-portable sensor makes 3D data acquisition even faster, easier and more accurate. It is the ideal cost-effective entry level solution for users who want to take advantage of the extensive functionality of optical metrology without compromising performance, technology or data quality.

COMET L3D performs excellently even in demanding applications such as quality assurance. Its rugged design, the dustproof enclosure for the optical components of the sensor head, and the high-quality connectors allow use in industrial environments. The sensor is controlled via an industrial standard CAN bus interface. Thanks to its ultra-compact size and light weight, you can position the sensor using standard accessories (e.g. camera stands). Transport, setup and commissioning of the overall system take very little effort. Designed for easy handling and use, COMET L3D offers you maximum flexibility and efficiency in all your measurement tasks.

Comet 5

3D digitizing in revolutionary shape: With the COMET5 sensor, Steinbichler Optotechnik is presenting a system perfectly fitting the steadily growing application requirements from the industry, in particular for product development and quality control. COMET5 combines unique performance and ease of use making it the ideal solution for demanding applications.

Based on industry-proven foundations, the COMET5 with its new projection technology reaches new performance levels for high-speed measurements. This is enabling the data acquisition in the digitization process to be completed in 1/6 th. of the time which is a deciding advantages when measuring in rough industrial environments prone to vibration. The consequent utilization of the latest PC hardware and software technologies (parallel processing, 64 bit operation system and application software) furthermore enables an extremely fast post-processing of the measured data. The combination of the proven one-camera-technique and the newly developed projection technology guarantees high-speed measurements as well as excellent data quality. COMET5 completes all measurements fast and accurately and is therefore ideally suited for efficient use in quality control next to the production line.

The rigid construction of the system is extremely stabile which allows the system to be operated in a wide temperature range and the high-power external light source further improves the system temperature stability. Owing to its high physical stability, the sensor is perfectly suitable for automated measuring applications. The sensor can be operated on an industrial robot without the risk of acceleration forces influencing the measuring accuracy. COMET5 thereby guarantees a high reproducibility of the highly accurate measurement results, in addition to having the advantage of minimizing the need for system recalibration.

COMET5 is through its robust construction made for mobility and a variety of handling systems are available for the positioning of the system. The modular design allows for quick and easy adaptation of the system to the measurement volume required by the application and thereby offers the maximum of configuration flexibility for each individual measurement task. A custom designed zoom lens in the projection module offers exceptional optical features – thus, the change between different fields of view can conveniently be performed.

T-Scan 3

Launching the innovative concept of an intuitive-to-use high-precision laser scanner a few years ago, Steinbichler Optotechnik, as the first company worldwide, translated the idea of an optically tracked handheld scanner into an industrial-strength system solution. Over two decades of expertise in optical measurement and sensor technology provide the basis for the continuous further development of our digitizing systems, which always reflect the latest state of the art and shape the global market in many application areas.

T-SCAN 3 now takes the system to a higher level with its dynamic, compact and ergonomically optimized design: The extremely light-weight handheld unit allows effortlessly capturing the 3D coordinates even of large parts without tiring the user.

The high accuracy and superior data quality make the system excellently suited even for demanding applications such as measurement tasks in quality assurance.

Using T-SCAN 3, the digitization of objects featuring different and/or varying surface characteristics is easily done without any time-consuming object preparation. Owing to its automatic point-to-point intensity control, the laser scanner captures even shiny or matt-finished areas without difficulty.


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