Ram Optical Instrumentation

RAM Optical Instrumentation is a pioneer in video inspection. Since its founding in 1981, RAM Optical has been known for providing solutions to customer inspection and measurement needs that are simple to use.

It’s Ram Optical’s philosophy and mission to make inspection and measurement tools that you want to use. Ram Optical focuses on the user experience and strives to make advanced technology as easy to use as possible. RAM Optical systems are specially designed so that anyone in the manufacturing process can use them – from design engineering, to fabrication, to assembly, to final inspection – with minimal training required.

RAM Optical Instrumentation is a division of Quality Vision International, Inc. (QVI). As a member of the QVI family, RAM Optical enjoys strong technical and operational support. In addition, exceptional service is provided through member company Quality Vision Services (QVS). With the QVI connection, you can count on a RAM Optical Instrumentation choice to be a smart choice.

Automatic Measurement Systems

With loads of features and automatic dimensional measurement, SprintMVP provides the best automatic measurement solution for the best price.

SprintMVP 200-300

SprintMVP 400-700

SprintMVP 1500-1552

Snap Digital Measuring Machine

QVI® SNAP™ may be the most productive machine in your shop. SNAP makes complex measurements easily and accurately. Simply place a part on the stage, select the routine, and press Run.


  • Measure anything within its generous 78 mm field of view
  • Native Video® image processing lets you zoom in on any part of the field of view to isolate and measure small details with up to 50 nanometer resolution — all without moving the part
  • With backlight, square-on top light, and an 8-sector programmable ring light, it’s easy to find the perfect lighting combination for any part
  • Measure-X® 2D metrology software provides a full range of feature measurements with no limit on number of points or measurement steps in a routine

Manual Measurement Systems

The QVI StarLite systems from Ram are precision measurement instruments designed for easy focusing and part positioning.

StarLite 150

StarLite 200-300


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