Optical Gaging Products (OGP)

OGP® offers precision non-contact and multisensor coordinate measuring systems used for dimensional inspection, designed and manufactured at the corporate headquarters in Rochester, NY, USA with over 60 years of industry experience.

The products made fit a range of categories: multisensor metrology, optical inspection, video measurement, laser scanning, and more.

These systems are used daily in over 60 countries to help manufacturers improve quality. The products provide solutions for applications in the automotive, aerospace, ceramic, clinical, electronic, semiconductor, plastics, biomedical, and metalworking industries, among others. OGP is recognized as a premier supplier of non-contact and multisensor measuring instruments around the world.

OGP has the experience and skills you can trust. along with people who design and manufacture the mechanics, optics, electronics, and software used in our products; people who offer practical, cost-effective solutions; and people who don’t accept anything less than the highest standards of quality for you.

In today’s world, improved productivity is everyone’s goal. Innovative measurement technology from OGP provides precision for you to make quality parts with the highest degree of confidence. You can count on OGP to improve your productivity.

OGP Users Group
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SmartScope Quest Systems

SmartScope® Quests™ from OGP® are high-accuracy metrology systems designed to use a variety of sensors for full three-dimensional measurement. Accurate video measurements require accurate images, and Quest offers the best optical performance available. The patented TeleStar® 10:1 zoom lens is completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout its range for distortion free, high-fidelity images – perfect for high-accuracy metrological applications.

Four models of SmartScope Quests accommodate parts and fixtures of many sizes. With 400mm Z travel, SmartScope Quest 650 can handle parts that will not even fit on other systems.

All Quests support tactile, laser and micro-sensors for the most complete high accuracy measurements possible in a single part setup.

MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor calibrates sensor data to a common reference frame so any sensor can be used in a measurement routine at any time. And most sensors used on SmartScope Quests are deployable and retractable under program control for unattended operation.

Software options for SmartScope Quest include seamlessly integrated programs for

CAD import, contour analysis and fitting, and customized report generation and data export.

SmartScope ZIP Systems

SmartScope ZIP® builds upon its strength as an international favorite in video measurement by offering new members of the product line. The Advance models are specially configured for the toughest imaging applications. The Lite models provide ZIP benefits in value configurations. All ZIP models excel at video measurement and multisensor versatility for highest productivity.

Available contact and non-contact probes deploy and retract under program control for fully automatic operation.

All models of SmartScope ZIP accommodate parts and fixtures of many sizes.

SmartScope Zip

ZIP 250

ZIP 300

ZIP 450

SmartScope ZIP Advance

ZIP Advanced 250

ZIP Advance 450

SmartScope ZIP Lite

ZIP Lite 250

ZIP Lite 300

SmartScope Flash Systems

SmartScope® Flash™ systems are the best choice in automatic general purpose dimensional measurement. A high quality, 12:1 zoom lens calibrates itself at every magnification change for consistent measurement accuracy. Innovative solid state illumination sources, color camera, and Measure-X® metrology software make every Flash model a powerful video measuring system.

Every Flash model is multisensor capable, supporting touch probe, laser scanner, and micro-probes.

Each SmartScope Flash can be easily customized with powerful 3D measurement options, such as MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor software, rotary indexers, and much more. With options like these available, the SmartScope Flash should be your choice for metrology measurement.

All models of SmartScope Flash accommodate parts and fixtures of many sizes.


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