CMM, Comparator & Vision Accessories

If you are in need of accessories for your CMM, optical comparator or vision system then The Millennium Group is here to help. If you don’t see the specific item you are looking for below then give us a call or email and we will help find what you need.

Probe Tips/Styli

Renishaw’s innovative sensors for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are an industry standard, from basic touch-trigger probes and manual probe heads, through to automated stylus changers, automated probe changers, motorised indexing probe heads and revolutionary five-axis measurement systems. A full range of probe styli/probe tips is also available.

Carbide Probes, Inc. manufactures Tungsten Carbide and Ruby replacement Test Indicator Tips, AGD and Metric style contacts, Carbon Fiber Styli, Contracer Styli, Electronic Gage tips, CMM Styli and offers a wide range of Ruby and Carbide Ball diameters for any probe or special application. Carbide Probes offer a standard catalog line of the most popular styles which are in stock and ready for delivery and specialize in economical, small run, custom-built contacts and styli manufactured to customer’s specifications.

Probe Tips/Styli

FixLogix produces modular fixture systems for CMMs, Vision, and Optical Comparators. The fixture system is attractive and highly functional at a fraction of the price of competing systems. With features like laser engraved reference scales and alpha identified t-slots to facilitate repeat setups and patent-pending “Light-Touch” clamps with a “pre-wedged” feature for ease of use, FixLogix products are user friendly and cost effective solutions to your fixturing needs.

Fixture Examples:


6 Point nest for ABS valve body


Gear shaft vertical fixture


Fixture for optical comparator inspection

R & R Sales and Engineering

R&R Sales and Engineering has solutions to your vision fixturing and CMM fixturing needs. R&R can help improve your productivity, reduce fixturing cost and help your company be more competitive in today’s world by using R&R CMM modular fixture and R&R modular vision fixturing or by having R&R build a specialized cmm custom fixture or vision custom fixture that is designed specifically for your part’s application.

Fixture Examples:


CMM Setup


Vision System Setup

Optical Comparator Overlay Charts

Visual Precision is a manufacturer of precision optical devices, mostly used in dimensional gaging applications. Standard products are designed to support the Optical Comparator (also known as a Shadowgraph) with Glass Replacement Screens, Vinyl and Mylar Overlays, and Fixture Bases.


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